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Screenshots from the alpha-build of the abandoned/cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III video game, developed by Free Radical.

It has been confirmed that Free Radical’s build of Battlefront III would have been the first Star Wars game to include ground-to-space maps without cut scenes. When Lucasarts cancelled the game and yanked the life-support from Free Radical, Free Radical was unable to continue operations after this loss and closed down entirely, supposedly taking all the technology and builds for the game with it. After secretly being moved by Lucasarts from publisher to publisher and restarting progress on the game with each new move, it is now hoped and wildly speculated by many that the game now rests in the hands of Spark Unlimited. It is currently unknown whether Spark has the rights or access, let alone the technology, to the mysteriously abandoned Free Radical version of the game.

(via starwarsbehindthescenes)

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