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RIP Tony Sly


Shit. This is just horrible, horrible news.

Tony Sly’s sense of melody and harmony was a cut above most other Fat Wreck/Epitaph/New-School punk bands that I listened to almost exclusively in the early-to-mid 90s, and he and No Use For A Name provided a ton of inspiration for early Thrice material. They were the tightest punk band I’d ever seen. Tony’s vocals were always spot-on, his guitar-playing always locked in and solid, and his onstage demeanor was honest and endearing.


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Out of his own time, Christian Bale, took time out to visit Aurora, Colorado. Not being sent by PR or Warner Brothers, Bale wanted to see some of the people who had been rocked by this tragedy and their families on his own time.

Actual Superhero Christian Bale.

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